Early Learning Program (ELP)

What is ECE?

Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Development refers to early care a child receives from parents, teachers and caregivers, where children learn through play and develop their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. They ask questions, solve problems and interact with peers and adults.

Early Learning Program (ELP) Under ELP, we aim to foster children’s overall well-being and to ensure possible conditions for growth and development in a natural, child-friendly environment where they can experience joy, freedom of action in a safe environment and where they learn through play, experiments and discovery.

ELP has been initiated in 2009 with the sole aim to improve early education through qualitative reforms in targeted 150 government schools across five districts of Sindh, i.e. Tando Muhammad Khan, Badin, Khairpur, Noushehro Feroz and Ghotki.


  • To improve early education through qualitative reforms and increased participation in targeted geographical areas
  • Reduction in dropout ratio

  • Increase in enrollment

ELP Interventions

  • Activity-based Learning
  • Parents/Teachers Meetings
  • Teachers Trainings and Capacity Building
  • Teachers Exposure Visits to ELP Model Schools
  • Indoor/Outdoor Games
  • Health and Hygiene activities
  • Infrastructure Renovation
  • Teachers Salaries and Stipend
  • Infrastructure Work in 150 Schools

Benefits Transferred Through ELP


  • 150 Kachi classes established under ELP in Public Schools
  • Literacy rate of the concerned community increased to a certain level
  • At least 50,000 children got benefitted through this program so far
  • 600 teacher’s got benefitted on ECE & ECD concepts


50,000 children, 600 teachers and over 60,000 households living in 10,000 families received awareness about education, health & hygiene, nutrition & good practices so far.

At a Glance

Early Learning Program