SEF Assisted School (SAS)

The SEF Assisted Schools (SAS) Program is the integration of Integrated Education Learning Program (IELP) and Rural Based Community School (RBCS) program and is the Foundation’s largest scheme which aims to establish public private partnerships for increasing access to and improving the quality of education (Primary, Elementary and Secondary) services for children across Sindh.

The quality inputs largely focus on grassroots access for quality education to children through capacity building in school management and administration, improving the learning environment in schools through professional development of teachers and provision of learning resources for meaningful teaching-learning activities for children.

SAS endeavors to shift the paradigm of SEF partner from a profit-orientated approach to education-oriented one. SEF’s vision of quality education transcends access to basic schooling and improving literacy rates. It strives to develop and implement viable models of education, through public private and community partnerships, which are contextually relevant to the local needs and which directly contribute to the sustainable development of the communities being served.


  • To encourage private sector organizations in assisting the Government to address quality and access in education in the most underserved areas of Sindh
  • To supplement government policies under Universal Primary Education through enhancing educational facilities for out of school children and youth especially girls
  • To extend free and flexible learning opportunities at the grassroots
  • To ensure gender equality in education
  • To ensure long term institutional development of schools in partnership with communities for sustainability of quality reform efforts.

Current Interventions

  • Upgrading of primary schools into elementary level and elementary level schools into secondary level.
  • Providing support in establishment of Audio Visual room in selected schools
  • Providing support of solar system in selected schools
  • Providing technical support by establishment of computer labs & Science for elementary schools
  • Introducing IT based teaching Infrastructural Reforms

Support Extended to Schools

Providing subsidy of PKR 500/- per-child per-month for Primary school, PKR 700/- per-child per-month for Elementary school and PKR 800/- per-child per-month for Secondary school. Providing free text books and copies to school children, Capacity building of teachers/schools operators through trainings and workshops.

Target Area

The program is being implemented across Sindh.

Quality measures

  • Revised contract appropriately necessitating operators to invest in improving learning environment and enhancing quality.
  • Annual Students’ Assessment to gauge students learning outcome to enhancement schools’ performance
  • Teachers based Assessment for evaluating the performance of the teachers
  • Regular monitoring of schools

Future Interventions

  • Expansion of program horizontally and vertically to develop more access for quality education
  • Improvement of physical, academic and environmental conditions of schools
  • Initiation of extensive training program for teachers
  • Introducing quality audit in Program
  • Regularization of student and children assessment with more effective methods
  • Upgradation of the status of schools based on quality and criteria
  • Provision solar system to more schools
  • Introducing Audiovisual classes and provision of LEDs and Tablets for students in selected schools
  • Provision of Learning material and class room development initiatives

Schools Data

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Partnership Contracts