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Children's Newsletter

The newsletter titled 'Khel hee Khel Mein' serves as a channel for promoting children's creativity and confidence. It is also geared towards enhancing the quality of learning by providing children with information that is both meaningful and entertaining.

The publication largely focuses on Early Childhood Development (ECD) themes like good nutrition, physical and mental health, environment, relationships, arts, culture, values, life skills etc. The Mascot used for the Newsletter is Mr. Bunny or 'Goshi'.

Road Safety Stories

Stories are a wonderful tool to advocate messages in a fun and imaginative manner. The stories contained in the Road Safety Resource Pack are based on the road safety mascots and have been specifically written to communicate integral messages on road safety to children.

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Educational Flashcards

Educational flashcards titled Learning through Nature were developed as a teaching-learning resource for classrooms. The pack comprises 16 educational cards with activities specifically designed to be a source of learning for children through the element of play. These exercises aim towards reinforcing the basic concepts language development, addition & subtraction and weights & measurement. All the activities can be conducted with the help of no-cost material including branches, leaves, stones etc. that can be gathered from the surrounding environment. Such learning aids not only remove the barriers to accessibility that specialized equipment may promote but also encourage the children to interact with and appreciate their environment.

Adult Education Resources

Ujlee Rahein – A Resource for Neo-literate Adults

The 'Ujlee Rahain' Beginners Book authored by SEF's adult education expert, Professor Rehana Mughni, is the latest addition to the resources developed by SEF for neo-literate adults.

The Reader focuses on developing basic reading and writing skills in Urdu. Content of the resource draws from the culture of the learners and has been developed after in-depth social research in the communities. The words included comprise vocabulary which evokes the social, cultural and political contexts in which learners use them. Words beginning with each alphabet are also depicted through pictorial images to stimulate interest and promote the development of learners' visual skills in combination with the development of their verbal and reading skills. Practice exercises at the end of each lesson provide teachers with ideas to generate discussion on themes of importance and interest to adult learners, drawn from their real life experiences.

A handwriting book accompanying the resource allows learners to trace letters and words as well as write new words so they can practice writing legibly and fluently.

Ujlee Rahein – Post–literacy Reader

The Post-Literacy Reader & Manual comprise theme-based literacy materials which have been developed in Urdu language for adult learners and educators by Professor Rehana Mughni. Local communities were proactively engaged in conceptualizing the themes of stories, case studies and poems for this publication. The themes deal with issues of empowerment including self awareness, education, health, human rights, etc. and will amuse and entertain as well as challenge learners to think at the same time. It is hoped that these publications will fill the void for contextually relevant and integrated learning resources for adult education in the country.

Educational Stories

Stories play an integral role in instigating a change in mindsets and actions of individuals. It also facilitates the reader to reflect on and resolve issues at the community level. Prof. Rehana Mughni Manager Women's Literacy Empowerment Program at the Sindh Education Foundation has written 10 short anthropological stories catering for educating women who have passed the early literacy phase. These stories are centered on three broad themes which include health and nutrition, income generation and conflict resolution.

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Online Resources


An online resource for parents and teachers of young children designed to familiarize you with ECD as a concept, and also as it is being put into practice in Pakistan. Sections in this website have been designed especially for parents and caregivers, for teachers and other professionals who have to work directly with children.

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Road Safety Education Programme

The Road Safety Education Program - a project that is the first of its kind in Pakistan - has been launched by the Road Sector Development Directorate (RSDD) with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) has been selected as the implementing agency of the program.

Program Objectives:

This pioneering program (pioneering because it is the first road safety education prgram) aims at imparting road safety education to children in schools and to related stakeholders such as parents, teachers, local government officials, policy makers and future partners of the project, i.e. the private and civil sector.

Program Outreach:

The program will be executed in 100 government and community based schools across Sehwan, Dadu, Larkana and Khairpur districts of Sindh. These areas have been given priority in this pilot phase as the National Highway (a hi-traffic and popularly used highway of Sindh) runs through these districts. Several students and community members run the risk of living their lives too close to these hi-traffic roads, as a result of which the rate of accidents in these specific areas is very high. The project will be implemented for a period of 1 year stretching from August 2006 to July 2007. The program will benefit an estimated 10,000 students, teachers and community members across the target areas.

Program Action Plan:

The Road Safety Education Program is divided into three principal components: training and capacity building, advocacy and awareness building and monitoring and research. The Sindh Education Foundation will be training teachers, community members and local government officials on inculcating road safety practices and policies amongst children and ensuring a safe road environment within the surrounding area. Various resource materials will be developed and events will be organized to increase public awareness (especially amongst children) on road safety. The Foundation will also organize various policy-level forums at the district and provincial level in order to advocate for greater support of road safety interventions for children. Under this innovative program the Sindh Education Foundation will also be collecting and analyzing information on road risks related to children and other road users and awareness level of stakeholders on integral road safety rules and regulations. So far there have been very few such studies carried out in the country and almost none conducted in Sindh.

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