SEF Middle / High School Program (SMHSP)

SEF Middle / High School Program (SMHSP) aims to help in filling the massive gap in the post-primary education in the province. The objective of the initiative is to increase the provision of post-primary education through public-private partnership across Sindh.

In Phase I, 105 schools are being set up with the estimated enrollment of 28,628 students. These schools are planned to be quality schools with emphasis on "Student Centered" teaching and learning approach.

All Schools are required to have adequate infrastructure and facilities for supporting a well-rounded student development.

Features of Schools

  • Schools will be provided with additional learning material for beefing up students’ writing and learning skills
  • Head Teachers and Teachers to be recruited on merit
  • Faculty to use modern methods of teaching: activity-based/ project-based/interactive learning
  • Sports and co-curricular activities to be mandatory; Multipurpose playground
  • Involvement of parents in students' progress
  • Schools to be encouraged to begin the process through Zero Semester for strengthening students base
  • Well-planned infrastructure; Open and well-ventilated building; Verandahs; Boundary wall
  • Adequate safety and security
  • Hygiene and cleanliness; Separate and well-maintained toilets; Safe drinking water
  • Adequate plantation
  • Library; Science Lab(s); Computer Lab(s); Grants for labs
  • Per-child subsidy
  • Schools Establishment Cost
  • Teachers’ Professional Development
  • Textbooks and Learning Material


Schools Data

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